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Building Efficiency & Reach Codes w/ Misti Bruceri
Episode 526th April 2022 • Sustainable Overload • Forward Dining Solutions LLC.
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This week the chefs at Sustainable Overload sit down to discuss the all too important reach code. We’ve heard a lot about them as more and more cities adopt electrification ordinances. This episode we dive deep with someone who writes them for a living and helps make building codes more sustainable in the process. This is an incredibly important topic, and we are honored to have her in studio to discuss her work and what it means moving forward.

Misti Bruceri has been working in the energy efficiency industry for over 25 years. She is the principal and owner of Misti Bruceri & Associates, an independent consulting firm. She currently spends the majority of her time working on the Energy Codes and Standards program, which is funded by utility customers through the State’s utilities. The Codes and Standards program works with State and local agencies to establish building codes that advance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and decarbonization goals. The program also works across the design and construction industry to improve compliance with the code. Misti is the Coordinator for the Reach Codes arm of the program, working with cities and counties to facilitate the adoption of local energy codes.

California’s energy codes have been credited with reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills.  The codes have been credited with keeping the State’s per capita energy use flat since the 1970’s while the economy has grown by 80%.[1]

Chef Christopher Galarza (

Building Decarbonization Practice Guide — The William J. Worthen Foundation (

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