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Transforming Passion into a Resounding Message with Anjel B Hartwell, The Wealthy Life Mentor
Episode 1049th April 2024 • Creating Powerful Impact • Shay Wheat
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Every journey begins with a single step, but for Anjel B Hartwell, it was a leap into the unknown that catapulted her from single motherhood to a global messenger.

Listen to my conversation with this evolutionary alchemist is not just a story; it's a revelation for all visionaries yearning to make an indelible mark on the world on the latest episode of the Creating Powerful Impact podcast.

As we unpack Anjel's transformative insights, you'll discover the art of energizing your message and the necessity of self-belief to avoid the pitfalls of burnout.

Prepare to be inspired by Anjel's narrative, a testament to the potential that lies within each of us, and learn how to sustain your energy to continue making a difference.

Crafting a message that resonates and turns heads requires more than just a loudspeaker; it demands clarity, relatability, and a touch of 'expertifying' to make it stick.

Anjel unfolds her strategies for those eager to amplify their impact. We navigate the intricacies of effective communication, from saying a resounding yes to oneself to building a support system that elevates your voice.

For those who seek to bridge the gap between their passion and the needs of their audience, this episode provides an arsenal of techniques to refine your message and magnify your influence.

In the world of visionary business strategy, blending the mystical with the practical is no longer a fanciful dream; it's a proven pathway to success. Anjel Hartwell's intuitive approach infuses spiritual practices with concrete business acumen, offering a seven-step framework that promises not just financial gains but also personal fulfillment.

Wrapping up, we explore the 'five I's to wisdom,' guiding you from inspired action to practical implementation. This episode isn't just a guide; it's an invitation to transform your vision into reality, ensuring your personal and professional endeavors soar to new heights.

Key Moments:

4:28 Answering the Call

11:48 Expertifying Yourself to Meet Customer Needs

24:34 Leveling Up in Professional Success

Anjel B Hartwell is an internationally known artist, author & evolutionary alchemist. Honored as a Be The Change “Movement To Watch” Award Winner and considered one of America’s Premier Experts, she has appeared multiple times in major media and is the Creator, Executive Producer & Host of the 9X Award Winning & Apple #1 Internationally ranked Wickedly Smart Women Podcast. Her book Be Heard By Millions & Live Your Destiny was a #1 New Release in 3 Categories. She is hired to consult with high achieving visionary leaders who are called to be the Vanguard of the Creative Age.

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