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Walk Where Jesus Walked! | "His Purpose & Plan"
Episode 127th April 2022 • Walk With God • Walt & Brenda McCord
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SHOW NOTES: Caesarea is the magnificent port city created by Herod the Great. Walking around the ruins here, you hear the waves of the Mediterranean Sea crash on the rocky shore. Our imaginations are captured by the beauty this city once shared with its visitors. The lives of three men were changed in this place. First, Cornelius, a centurion and a devout man who feared God (Acts 10). Next, Herod Agrippa receives vain words of praise and he meets tragedy (Acts 12). And then, Paul sits in prison for two long years awaiting his transport to Rome where God has called him to preach the gospel (Acts 21–24). Three different men in the same city and God shows His purpose and plan for each of their lives – salvation, righteous judgment, and wait for God’s timing. Come, walk in Israel, and grow in your worship and praise of the Lord.

SONG: "Majesty" (click to listen & view)

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TOUR DATES: November 8-19, 2022