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Who's Responsible for Client Results... You or the Client?
Episode 19212th April 2024 • Built to Last • Megan Huber
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In this episode, I delve into the debate around coaching programs and who holds responsibility for clients' results. Some argue that clients must take action and bear the responsibility for outcomes, having signed up fully aware of what they were getting into. On the other side, there's the perspective that coaches should provide the necessary tools, guidance, and structures for clients to succeed.

Next, the importance of understanding adult learning styles and preferences, emphasizing the need for personalized approaches in coaching programs including the significance of creating a conducive learning environment, tracking client progress, and ensuring clients are taking action to achieve results.


4:31 Transition to Group Coaching

9:58 One-on-One Coaching Contrasts

17:12 Importance of Team in Group Coaching

23:57 Tracking Success in Group Coaching

27:21 Evaluating Program Effectiveness

30:55 Drama-Free Group Coaching


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