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Rabbi Frank Lowinger
Episode 22410th February 2024 • Congregation Beth Hallel and Rabbi Kevin Solomon • Congregation Beth Hallel
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How can you be an overcomer in the face of evil? How do we engage with others spiritually in troubled times? Join guest speaker, Rabbi Frank Lowinger, as he spurs on proactive behavior to answer the heightening calls against our beliefs in order to let the truth be known. Avoid leading a lukewarm walk, and G-d's presence can be strengthened in your life. Pursue truth with others with a heart of love for them. This message can help inspire you!

Revelation 12.9-11; Zechariah 14.2-3; Isaiah 62.1-7; 1 Kings 18.21; Revelation 2.7-11; Revelation 3.5; Revelation 3.12; Revelation 3.16; Revelation 3.21; Acts 2.17-21; Luke 21.12-13

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