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The Critical Banter Podcast - Critical Banter EPISODE 13, 27th August 2019
Amazonia: Who Cares?
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Amazonia: Who Cares?

Is it a coincidence that the week Rohit comes back from his quarantined state, our audio also goes tits up? Yes it definitely is a coincidence, but alas, Rohit is back and our audio is cooked and we apologise for both. The scope of this week’s episode is far reaching, from teenage genital flashing to shoestring fries and everything in between, we discuss it all.

Also this week: Rohit is a bad samaritan and victim blamer, a failed game segment, bad whiskey, Pauline Hanson and, finally, the death of Equatorial Guinea’s democracy.

Segments this episode:

Weekly Reach Around: Like good mates do, the boys get around each other and their week’s events in the most homoerotic segment in podcasting.

Kiribati: Rohit tests the boys knowledge, or lack thereof, with a simple game based on fun facts.

Overrated/Underrated: This segment is as simple as it sounds; the boys give their opinions on what they think is overrated in the world and what they think is underrated.

Dumbass of the Week: Every now and then we’ll come across an individual, or group of individuals, so stupid that we have to present them on the show to make ourselves feel better.



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