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285 | "Cyber Resilience Simplified" with Paul Calatayud from Onda AI
Episode 28512th December 2023 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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✅ Business Lessons from Cloud Building: Paul's $500 million cloud venture taught crucial lessons. Technology alone isn't enough; understanding the business is vital for success in tech endeavors.

✅ Cybersecurity Startup Realities: Drawing from advising 14 cybersecurity startups, Paul emphasizes challenges in market fit and timing. Prioritizing the business model over the product is essential for startup success.

✅ Onda AI's Innovative Approach: Onda AI transforms the cumbersome process of cybersecurity insurance. Paul envisions a future where real-time observation replaces extensive questionnaires, aligning insurer and client incentives for proactive risk management.

Episode Summary:

In episode 285, Paul Calatayud, Co-founder of Onda AI, shares profound insights from his journey in technology, emphasizing the intersection of technology and business. He draws from experiences in cloud building, advising cybersecurity startups, and leading Onda AI. The conversation delves into the challenges of market fit, the importance of diverse teams, and Onda AI's innovative approach to revolutionize the cybersecurity insurance industry.


00:00 Intro

00:18 Paul's Journey into Building the Cloud

01:07 The Importance of Business Understanding in Technology

01:51 Challenges in Cybersecurity Startups

02:21 The Approach to Building a Sustainable Business Model

02:26 The Importance of Market Fit and Understanding Customer Needs

03:56 The Role of Failure and Resilience in Startup Success

06:30 The Importance of Team Diversity and Challenging Thought Processes

09:12 The Pain Onda AI is Solving in the Cybersecurity Insurance Market

11:50 The Future of Cybersecurity Insurance with Onda AI

17:08 Contact Onda AI

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