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533: Taking on the Fake News (Eric Ludy)
11th January 2021 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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It’s Monday, and Eric Ludy launches into another four-part series — this one unlocking the awesome integrity of the Scriptures.

Fake News is not a new thing to the world. It’s been around since the Serpent began broadcasting to humanity back in the Garden of Eden near 6,000 years ago. And the only way to expose that which is fake, is by becoming familiar with that which is true.

God's supernatural Book, known as the Bible, is that Truth. It is like silver refined seven times over in a furnace of fire — wholly without impurity. As Christians, when we know God’s Word, it enables us to separate out the fake news from the good news.

NOTE: Only part one of this four-part series is released in and through our Daily Thunder Podcast, watch or download the other three parts at