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How To Turn Influencers Into Personal Friends Through Podcasting & Personal, Human Follow Up
24th June 2021 • MicroFamous • Matt Johnson
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You'll meet some amazing people through podcasting. People who might become mentors, referral partners, even lifelong friends. I know I have.

That's a big part of why podcasting changed my life. It isn't just the level of influence built, it's the relationships I formed along the way.

So in this solo episode, I cover a handful of tactics to turn influencers into personal friends through podcasting and personal, human follow up.

Let's jump in!

  • Have a deep, meaningful conversation
  • Get them sharing their opinions by asking good questions, even if you're the guest
  • Ask the Strategic Intro question
  • Follow up with something thoughtful - a thank you note, a gift, an actual introduction
  • Connect on social media, reach out periodically with a simple, personal message
  • Comment on their stuff, make them feel special

These are very simple things we can do to make the business more human. And the results can be life-changing. One of my most important mentors came into my life through podcasting, he followed up by sending me a book, and we had a deep, meaningful conversation that turned into an ongoing relationship.