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The Storyteller Series - Night Shift Radio EPISODE 7, 26th October 2020
The Guardian Devil

The Guardian Devil

There aren’t any other Guardian Devil bars. And even if that angelic fern bar did allow admittance, there would be little interest in mingling with those bleach-soaked, minty do-gooders. After all, who wants to frolic and sing hymns anyway? So, this is where we find the Guardian Devils, including Leonard, of whom this story is about.

Written by: Tom Witkowski

Narrated by: John Allen

Leonard: Cole Oppedisano

Angel: Leah

Supervisor Balam: Mike Wyant Jr.

Janet: Sarah Sweeney

Mammom: Michael Fight

Produced/Directed by: Michael Fight

Storyteller Series Editor: Michael Wyant, Jr.

Sound Mixed by: Kitzy

Edited by: Cole Oppedisano

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