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The Guardian Devil
Episode 726th October 2020 • The Storyteller Series • Night Shift Radio
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There aren’t any other Guardian Devil bars. And even if that angelic fern bar did allow admittance, there would be little interest in mingling with those bleach-soaked, minty do-gooders. After all, who wants to frolic and sing hymns anyway? So, this is where we find the Guardian Devils, including Leonard, of whom this story is about.

Written by: Tom Witkowski

Narrated by: John Allen

Leonard: Cole Oppedisano

Angel: Leah

Supervisor Balam: Mike Wyant Jr.

Janet: Sarah Sweeney

Mammom: Michael Fight

Produced/Directed by: Michael Fight

Storyteller Series Editor: Michael Wyant, Jr.

Sound Mixed by: Kitzy

Edited by: Cole Oppedisano

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