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Why Twitter s True Value Has Nothing to Do with Your Followers
17th September 2015 • Editor-in-Chief • Rainmaker.FM
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As an Editor-in-Chief, it s your job to determine the best ways for you to use social media.

Do you use Twitter in a way that feels natural to you, or do you just follow the social media post formats that other people in your industry use?

The answers to those questions don t particularly matter as long as your social media use helps you meet your goals.

In this 22-minute episode, I discuss:

  • The social media trap many content marketers fall into
  • Why I didn t use my original title for this episode
  • How research can transform amateur musings into professional content
  • Connecting on Twitter and social media behavior you should avoid
  • An example of adapting how you use Twitter to your own personal preferences

Listen to Editor-in-Chief below ...

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