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123 Creativity Presence and Attention • Michael McMahon
Episode 12328th January 2020 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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The practice of medicine is not completely about what we do, it’s also informed by how we are. How our  presence, perception and allowing ourselves to abide in that space between knowing, sensing and being can invite a quiet, non-rational part of ourselves into the clinical encounter.

Michael McMahon, like many of us, did not initially set out to become a Chinese medicine practitioner. It was more a process of discovery— of a kind of feeling your way in the dark. It was a following something that lead to the next, which in turn opened a new opportunity. Not unlike the threads we follow in clinic that take and our patients to surprising places.

Listen in to this conversation that reminds us there is something quiet and still that helps to inform the "doing" of our work.


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