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Almost 30 - Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 350, 13th August 2020
Ep. 350 - Lindsey + Sean on Growing Their Relationship Roots
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Ep. 350 - Lindsey + Sean on Growing Their Relationship Roots


You’ve heard Lindsey share details of her new relationship here and there, but today she and her boyfriend, Sean, are talking very openly and intimately about their relationship. They’ve mostly maintained a long-distance relationship, but for the past three months, they've been living together in LA. Just before Sean went home, they recorded this conversation in hopes that their growing pains, learnings, laughs, and promises within the relationship would inspire you to have deep conversations within your own — be it romantic or platonic.


They also talk about:

  • How Sean + Lindsey met 
  • Being yourself in a relationship
  • Becoming better as a couple
  • Learning to hold space for the truth
  • Projecting personal issues into the relationship
  • Being willing to engage even if you cannot fully understand
  • Learning how to use your voice
  • The role God plays in their relationship
  • Long-distance realness


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