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Ep. 183 Leadership in Physical Therapy with Dr. Allen Ling
Episode 1835th November 2021 • The Aaron LeBauer Show • Aaron LeBauer
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Today we talk Dr. Allen Ling about leadership and how he lead his team through COVID and coming out stronger on the other end. 

Allen has been a private practice physical therapist since 1989 and continues to treat patients and mentor physical therapy students at his El Cerrito flagship clinic. He also is a comic book creator and publisher, as well as an international award-winning music video producer and singer-songwriter. Allen currently has almost 2 dozen employees and doctorate PT students at his practice locations and has recharged his business after the COVID19 shutdown. He attributed creativity, core values focusing on the team and patients, and solid leadership as the keys to any sustainable success.

Aaron and Allen share stories of when they worked together and the mentorship Allen provided Aaron as he planned to start his own practice. Allen talks about how he has carried the responsibility of having a team of 20 people and the actions he takes to keep the team cohesive. He shares the importance of gathering accurate information and then disseminating it to gain trust and authority.

Aside from running a successful physical therapy practice, Allen is also into comic book publishing and speaks to the importance of having a good team and delegating. He goes into the different aspects of building wealth and treating everything like an investment. 

Allen shares so much wisdom in this interview about the leadership needed in physical therapy and why he has decided to stay in practice longer. You don’t want to miss this episode! 

Topics we cover:

-Leading a team

-Leadership in physical therapy

-Creating a culture of service

-Staying calm in the face of chaos

-Giving accurate information

-Appropriate awards for appropriate work

-The importance of delegation

-Comic book publishing

-The stages of building wealth

-Living in the Bay Area

-Physical therapy instead of opioids

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