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166. Remembering Maryland's first Black CPA, with King, King & Associates
Episode 1661st February 2022 • Future-Proof • Business Learning Institute
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In celebration of Black History Month, we’re giving flowers where they’re due, to Benjamin King Senior, Maryland's first black certified public accountant, the 47th in the country, who went on to become chairman of the Maryland state board. To best understand Mr. King and his impact, we’re joined by his children who’ve kept his minority firm and wide influence on the profession going strong: Pamela King-Smith, Kara King-Bess, and Anthony King.

They tell us about how, based in a rough neighborhood in Baltimore, their father became a trusted voice of his peers. How he, devoted to bettering the people and community around him, helped small businesses grow and establish themselves as generational assets – best demonstrated by their longest tenured client, a minority-owned funeral home in DC that dates back to 1912 and has been a serviced account of King, King & Associated since 1957.

More than co-founding his own firm, as an educator and mentor, Benjamin King inspired and empowered countless young, mostly minority, students to become CPAs themselves. During his time teaching at Morgan State, he became known for shepherding students through the often challenging internship and experience requirements, through his own firm, to ensure they met their goals and stayed on track for graduation.

Mr. King was keenly aware of his place in history. The waves of change were visible in his life, and still are, as we highlight his legacy in 2022. Tune in to this moving roundtable discussion where we honor his accomplishments and shine a bright light on the path he laid for others to follow.

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