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Getting Out of Old School Sales Tactics and Enrolling Clients Organically with Carol Trotter
Episode 6115th November 2022 • The Category Queen Show • Kinsey Machos
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Tune in this week to discover the thoughts and actions that allowed Carol Trotter to amplify her impact and finally attract and enroll her dream clients after enrolling in 10K Content Collective. She’s sharing how powerful it is when you finally shift from selling your program to selling the solution and how to align your sales process with your unique expertise to create a powerful enrollment experience for your potential clients.

To learn how to attract and enroll clients every day with your organic content using the fastest path to clients, enroll in 10K today:

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03:48 Sales conversation over the phone can feel very frightening, but you are going to have much higher conversions.

04:08 Learn about your people is what you have to set out to do no matter what.

04:30 Our 10k Collective is one part of what we can teach you as far as effective selling goes.

04:39 We will teach you how to write organic content that attracts and enrolls. 

04:46 We will help you package your expertise, your unique brilliance, into a high-end coaching program. 

04:58 We have a plug-and-play system for you to use right now to get clients and make money. We also have a whole community waiting for you. 

05:07 You’ll get coached several times a week. You’ll have a plethora of content resources to use right away to accelerate your learning curve.

05:22 You don't have to do this alone, and you should not be figuring it out on your own. You should be playing your way to wealth and earning now.

05:54 Now the interview with Carol Trotter. She is a menopause coach. Helping women regain their energy, lose weight, feel their confidence. to make menopause the best time of their life.

06:32 She had invested in other programs to learn different selling techniques. She was encouraged to do webinars and do Facebook ads. 

06:42 But all she was bringing into her group was not her dream client. 

07:10 All the while she was selling a program, and not selling their issues. She wasn't helping them anywhere. 

08:22 It was actually her own journey, her own issues in menopause that she was dealing with that led her to decide she wanted to be a coach. 

08:32 Because she was able to help herself, she knew that she had to help other women in menopause.

09:06 In coaching, it is through our own transformation or result that we experienced ourselves that we decide to be a coach. 

09:29 Helping others should show them that there is a better way and it's a very natural progression. 

10:10 But even if the sales page is up, doing a webinar, or thinking that you're doing great. But still, it doesn't convert.

10:35 Creating conversations up to the selling point, but in a “serving is selling process.”

10:38 Coming from the heart and not coming from a place where you need this money. You're coming because you want to help women. 

11:10 Now there is giving in serving, and not just trying to take something. 

11:39 Creating content that helps and serves people but also brings them to you. 

12:24 Bringing in all the time that gratitude feeling during the call. It's just very spiritually driven with a higher connection conversation. 

14:05 Not to overcomplicate everything for ourselves. People are just in pain and they want somebody to tell them how to get out of pain. 

15:58 You need to move out into the DM, and have that real conversation with the client. 

16:19 Being able to serve from that place of gratitude. Moving it over into that sales conversation and just saying, “I have more.” 

16:51 Not asking them to buy your program. You will just be serving them and showing up for them. You just want to give them more information. 

17:02 It's not really the words. It's the energy behind you putting out there that is actually coming from a safe place. 

18:05 Showing up with organic content. Knowing how to write to those pain points. Knowing how to show up simply and just be there. 

18:30 Sales happened naturally through that content. 

19:04 Don't give up and don't take things personally if we keep on getting rejections.  

19:41 Knowing where you're coming from, what are your goals, why are you doing this? You're doing it to serve other people, even though it's hard sometimes.  

19:55 It will come, just keep showing up. The more you show up, the more they see you and it will all work. .

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online.

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that.

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos 

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to captivate and close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Hey, welcome back to another episode of captivate and close. It is so good to be here with you this week, I hope you are having such an incredible day. And you are finding yourself in sort of a new rhythm in this season of transition. At the time of this recording, we are heading into the depth of fall. And it's really actually winter here by now here in Idaho, we have like this tiny little fall, and then all of a sudden, it's snowing, we've already had two days of snow. And it's first week of November. So there's that. But I have a really fun episode for you today. So what I've done is we're actually pulling a recording from an interview that Jenny and I did together with a 10k content collective member. And she is just so incredible. I'm gonna let her introduce herself in this interview section, but she is really the epitome of a heart centered coach, who is just so eager to jump in, learn, and also take massive action, I think we see a lot of people sort of delay their success by train to study or getting ready to get ready. And this beautiful woman is just such a student of her own expertise. I mean, she is so good at what she does, but she's always finding ways to build her skill as a marketer, and as a coach. And sometimes you might feel really, really good at what you do. But then when you go to market and sell that or even coach people through an experience, it can create a lot of doubt, insecurity. And it, there's a lot in some cases, there's a huge learning curve. And so it's all a part of the journey. But what we talk about in this interview is her experience with selling, and the specific sales process that we teach you inside of 10k. And what she has to say is so it's so amazing and so incredible, and really is what we want women to feel when they sell. And you might already be thinking like, oh my gosh, like selling can't feel that way or selling can't feel good. But selling is serving. And you'll hear me saying this time and time again. And the way that we teach selling is so, so incredible. And our unique method for really moving people from, you know, the DMS, from social on to a sales conversation over the phone, it can feel very, very frightening, if you will, but you are going to have much higher conversions. You're going to create much powerful experiences if you do them. Wow. And you are going to learn so much about your people, which is what you have to set out to do no matter what. And she just described her experience as she implements this method and what what she's experienced as she's done it several times over. So I hope you enjoy this if you want to come join us in inside 10k Like what are you even waiting for? This is a one part of the method that we teach you as far as selling goes. We also teach you how to write content that attracts and enrolls cleans, like literally every day through your organic content. And we help you package your expertise, your unique brilliance into a high end coaching program so that people will actually buy it and we have a plug and play system for you to use like right now to get clients and make money. And we have a whole community waiting for you. Not only that, but you get coached like several times a week, you have a plethora of content resources, and scripts and plug and play tools to use right away to accelerate your learning curve. Because you don't have to do this alone. And you should not be figuring it out on your own. You should be playing your way to wealth and earning now. So we'll have a link here in the show notes. But I cannot wait for you to hear this interview.

Jenny Beecher:

Cheryl, come on, and you can bring your video unmute yourself. Hello.

Kinsey Machos:

Oh, my gosh.

Carol Trotter:

I'm excited to be here, too. Thank you for having me.

Jenny Beecher:

Carol, would you start by just saying a little bit about who you help

Carol Trotter:

your profession. So I am a menopause coach. So I help women regain their energy, lose weight, feel their confidence to make menopause, the best time of their life.

Jenny Beecher:

I love that it's so beautiful. It's so beautiful. So so we really wanted today. We're so happy that you're on. By the way. Thank you so much for coming on, because it's just so much more fun with fun people around. But what is it? Would you mind telling us a little bit about your background? So before you were in 10k, tell us about where you were with your coaching business and kind of what brought you into the

Carol Trotter:

program. Okay, so where was I before this not very far. I had invested in other programs and learn different selling techniques and was encouraged to do webinars do Facebook ads. I was bringing people into my group. But all they wanted was free stuff. They were not my dream client. They weren't. I wasn't speaking to them. So I was getting on sales calls with these people. That weren't my right people. I was selling it felt like it because I was following the script that was 45 minutes long. And I was selling a program. I wasn't selling their issues. I wasn't helping them anywhere. So not only was it it for me it was it for them.

Jenny Beecher:

Yeah, yeah. That feeling of like trying so hard.

Carol Trotter:

Yeah. And like you were just talking about that conversion of that three to 10%. It was like, yeah, if I was getting anybody, I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, I wasn't even hitting that using that technique at all.

Kinsey Machos:

That's so powerful. Carol, thank you for sharing. I'm curious what, where, at what point in your journey? Did you decide that you wanted to be a coach, tell us a little bit about that. Well,

Carol Trotter:

it was actually my own story. I am actually an accountant. That is my trade that I went to school for. But I hit 40. And my life started to fall apart. I didn't like the women that I was becoming. I was not happy. I was miserable to my family. I was throwing dishes across the kitchen. But it was at that point that I started to do some deep work on myself and no knew that I had to find solutions because I didn't like that. So it was my own journey, my own issues that I was dealing with. But I actually went back to school to become a certified nutritionist and started getting answers. And because I was able to help myself, I knew that I had to help other women because when we hit menopause, we just think that's what we have to do. Or you know what, we're not hurt. We just become this. You know what this group of women over here? They've just gone crazy. And there's nothing you can do about it? Well, I call bullshit. And that's what I do.

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah, I love I love that story, Carol. And I think most of us, probably even if you guys can resonate in the audience, definitely chime in. But I think a lot of us get into coaching. Like we didn't like decide to be a coach because it sounded fun. But it was through our own transformation or result that we experienced ourselves. And I think it's like, we realized that there was so much unnecessary suffering maybe that we experienced, and it's like, I don't want other people to have to go through that or have to experience that for any longer than they need to. And so it's like this poll to help others. And really, like should just show them a better way. And it's a very natural progression, I think for most people, but I think that what's not natural, what I think most people realize is like, Oh, I have to market and sell and like all these weird things. And I think that's where the frustration and overwhelm comes. Which can you do you relate to that?

Carol Trotter:

Oh, definitely too. Right. You know, I was that person. I'm going to help people. I'm just going to go there. I'm going to put it out there that I'm a menopause coach that I can help Don't expect it to happen. Oh, I have to sell I have to talk to people. It was totally, yeah, put that sales page up do that webinar or think that you're doing great. And it doesn't convert.

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah. So good. Thank you for sharing. I will go ahead, Jenny.

Jenny Beecher:

I was gonna say what are some of the ships that you've that you've created? Now, as far as how you feel in towards coming forward to sales. Now we're even in the process of creating those conversations up to the sale, what is that like for you?

Carol Trotter:

How has it shifted? That whole thing that serving is selling, that I'm coming from my heart, I'm not coming from a place where I need this money. I'm coming because I want to help these women. Because that is my goal is to help women and just coming to it. Even if they get on a sales call with me, and they don't purchase my program. I want them to leave at the end of the day with something to take home that they can do right now. And notice a change. Where before that wasn't what was happening. Like I say it was all about IQ and I wasn't giving them anything I was trying to pull from them. Now I'm serving with my heart I'm giving.

Jenny Beecher:

I love that. What I hear you saying is that difference between trying to tell somebody what you have and getting a client, right? I'm gonna tell you what I have, like the billboard version of things right? And you come on in, but it feels icky. Right, but but that's what we assume. I think that's what a lot. That's kind of what we're taught is sales. But what I hear you saying is shifted now is that now you're leading with your heart, you know how to create content that helps and serves people but also brings them to you? And then you get on the phone with them. Can you say a little bit about how that sales call experience goes for you? And what your feelings are throughout that?

Carol Trotter:

Yeah, so No, when I get on the phone with these women, I'm just feeling elated. I'm feeling grateful, I'm feeling thankful that they've taken time out of their day, to meet with me, whether it's on the phone call, whether it's on a zoom, but they're taking time out of their day, which is you know what menopausal women are always and it's not just menopausal women, it's women in general is that we're always giving ourselves to other people and never wanting to put ourselves first. So like I say that gratitude is huge. And during the call I that's just what comes in. I'm very spiritually driven, with a higher connection, and I bringing that in all the time. And it's just a blessing. It's just beautiful. And just hearing these women just tell you their stories, they just feel safe. Because it is a safe place, because that's what I want them to feel.

Kinsey Machos:

That's amazing. I love. Um, Carol, you made a comment earlier that you kind of skim by but it was you stop selling your program and you spoke to the issues? Can you unpack that just a little bit more for those that may not understand what that means? Yeah. So

Carol Trotter:

before, what I would do is think, okay, you've got a 12 week program, you get this recipe booklet, you get these coaching calls, you get this, whereas now, I talk about so if their issue is that they can't sleep, I give them a solution for that. Like, if you come and work with me, you're going to be able to sleep through the night, you're not going to be waking up exhausted. You know what, we're going to get rid of those night sweats that make you wake up. So I'm coming from that point where that pain point they want that solution, right? It's they don't want the recipes that they should be following, or they don't want that meditation, per se that will help them they just want to sleep. Yeah,

Kinsey Machos:

that's so good. I know. We kind of overcomplicate everything for ourselves, right when our people are just in pain, and they want somebody to tell them that they can help them get out of pain. Yeah, that's so amazing. What has been your experience with the I know that? How with the sales calls, or sales mastery in 10 came? I don't know if you join those live or if you listen to the recording on the podcast? How like what's been your one of your biggest takeaways, through even learning from Ayala and the value based selling method?

Carol Trotter:

Yeah, and just to say I am unable to attend those calls live because I gotta do my accounting job on on those days. So I do listen to the podcast after which is Chris great to have that. So one of the things that was my biggest takeaway, and it's been my biggest struggle is to get into their DMS like to do that piece, but how to make that transaction transaction but you You know, with, let what she's saying is like, you know what we're just saying. I hear you. And I have lots of thoughts on that. Let's talk about it more. There's nothing spammy about that.

Jenny Beecher:

Yes, yes, I know. That's, I think so many people, it's, you could even say just a little bit more about that, like you so many people like, Oh, this is one of the things where I gotta like, Hey, do you want to get Can I tell you my thing? But tell us a little bit about like your goat more into if you wouldn't mind? Yeah, that feeling behind it that you're like, I can help you more here.

Carol Trotter:

Yeah. And it's just getting in there and talking to them more, and just having that back and forth. And as they were, the girls were talking in the comments before, but that night know, like, trust factor. There's that piece where we want to get in, we have to say the hard stuff. But that's part of the know, like trust foster factor, right? Because they're learning. So once I can move it over into that DM and have that conversation, that real conversation with them, even if they don't like what I'm saying, it's like, you know, no, you don't have to suffer with that hot flash. And if that's what your doctors telling you is that it's just part of life? No, it's not, you don't have to. So I can be real, and again, serving from that place of gratitude. And it's just moving it over into that sales conversation and just saying, I have more, and then it's easy to say, I've got lots of thoughts on that. Let's jump on a call. Because it's too much. So those little we It's simple. It's a simple process that just goes, Oh, yeah, that's not difficult to say, because it's so true. I got way more to tell you on this, and how I've helped other women, can we jump on a call, I'm not asking them to buy my program. I'm just serving them. I'm just showing up for them, wanting to give them more information.

Jenny Beecher:

So beautiful. And the power behind that is like because, you know, some people want to know, tell me the but Carol, can you tell me exactly what you're saying that, you know, that's not the words, right? It's the energy behind it, it's, it's you putting out there that like this is actually coming from a safe place for you to say yes to Him, because you have facilitated and cultivated that. And also put that into your content and wrapped around your offer. That that is how people know and just preset beautiful path for people to come in and change their lives. And now you're crushing it, crushing it.

Kinsey Machos:

Oh my gosh, Carol, it's been so fun watching you just really like step into your energy. I mean, even experiencing your energy here. And like, there's just like this pureness and this happiness and joy about you. That's, I can see it's like palpable. What are you most excited about in your business right now?

Carol Trotter:

Just having women show up and ask for help. You know, like I said, earlier, I was getting people my group, but they weren't commenting. They weren't engaging. They weren't. They just wanted free stuff. And not necessarily good free stuff. Where now it's just, you know, what, showing up with organic content, knowing how to write to those pain points, knowing how to show up, simply and just being there. And it's the world of difference. So when I get on the phone with to do a sales call when they want to the sales already happened, but it's before I get on the phone, it's just a matter of okay, let me take your credit card. You know, we have the conversation, but that sales already happened naturally, through that content.

Kinsey Machos:

That's so good. I love that I would love for you for those of the women that are on the on the call with us today or in the audience. For that might have been in a scenario where you were a while ago when right? It's just like, I just feel like people are showing up. They just want my free stuff. They're not I'm not It feels weird. I'm just doing random stuff. Like, what what some encouragement that you have for them

Carol Trotter:

that don't give up because and don't take things personally. Because as we you know, we keep getting these rejections, we start to take it personally, but it's not us. It's down. Yes, we can refine our message. We can talk more to them. But it's just keep going because I was literally when I signed up for 10k I was actually on the verge of calling it quits for everything. I had invested a large amount in another program and it didn't give me what I wanted or needed. And I almost didn't do this but I'm going off. This was the best thing I did. So it's just sticking it out. And knowing where you're coming from what are your goals? Why are you doing this? If you're doing it to serve other people, even though it's hard sometimes you're you know what, trudging through the mud, don't stop because it will come just keep showing up and the more you show up, the more they see you and

Jenny Beecher:

It all works. I just got goosebumps.

Kinsey Machos:

Like they fill your heart so much. And I feel so I know, Jenny and I feel so honored and grateful for just to be a part of this journey with you. It's we've just we don't take that for granted that you allowed us to come be a part of that experience and you know, part of your dream. So thank you so much. And thank you for sharing your heart here today with with these women. You truly are just such an inspiration. And we're so grateful for you.

Carol Trotter:

Well, thank you so much. It was just an honor to be here and to help whoever I could along the way.

Kinsey Machos:

Awesome. Thank you, Carol so much. We should give Carol some love in the chat below. I just love you so much. Thank you, Carol again for spending this morning with us. It was so great to see you.

Carol Trotter:

Thank you. Bye.

Kinsey Machos:

Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. If you love what you heard here, head over to the community where thousands of female CEOs, just like you are changing the world one human at a time. We go deeper into the topics you discuss here and give away tangible roadmaps to help you crush your revenue goals to join this high caliber free community head over to See you there




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