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Accessing the enlightened mind: An interview with Kari Hohne
Episode 817th January 2022 • A Lone Traveler's Guide to the Divine • Amanda Lux
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In this episode Amanda Lux interviews Kari Hohne, a dream analyst, musician, author, and expert on the eastern and western archetypes that inspire our dreams and oracles. We get into some super juicy conversations touching on:

  • Kari's book about the mythology of sleep and how our dreams relate to the Hero's journey
  • How Kari learned astrology when she was seven years old from her aunt who happened to be Ronald Regan's personal astrologer 
  • Kari shared a fascinating beautiful book by Julian Jaynes about how ancient peoples had greater access to their creative mythical right brain that is quoted in this episode called: 

The Origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (I highly recommend this book it is absolutely incredible!)

  • We discuss how we can enhance the right side of our brain by focusing on strengthening our dreaming practices and intuition, as well as through poetry, art, and music
  • The three parts of a dream and how to recognize them
  • The 24-hour mind and how to live in a flow state full of synchronicity
  • How to remember, record our dreams and more...

About Kari Hohne:

Through her website Cafe au Soul, Kari shares her passion for nature’s wisdom and our ancient traditions. She is the author of several books including The Mind’s Mirror: Dream Dictionary and The Mythology of Sleep: The Waking Power of Dreams. Her latest book is called Decoding the Night Sky: Ancient Babylonian Astrology. Her music incorporates global shamanic traditions with modern percussion and instruments to enhance your yoga or meditation practice. She’s also the creator of two top-rated apps: Way of Dreams Interpreter Tool and I Ching Cafe au Soul

Social Media @cafeausoul

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