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2023 - Oscar Draft
18th January 2024 • Movie of the Year •
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In the 2024 Oscar Draft, we draft the movies of 2023 to see who can get the most Oscar nominations!

We have seen the movies of 2023. Now, it is time to make our picks for which we think will get the most Oscar nominations. Not wins here, people: nominations. A blockbuster movie like Barbie or Oppenheimer is liable to get upwards of ten noms. That's the kind of movie you want to pick in a draft like this. Each panelist will have four rounds to pick their Oscar nomination squad, but here's the thing, the other panelists are going to be making picks too. (Personally I hate this part, but they assure me it's important.)

You want to hit the big money with a movie that gets high single-digit or even double-digit nominations, but you also want rounds three and four to bring you in a couple of nom dogs at least. It's these late rounds where it is usually won—by the likes of Ryan—or lost—by the likes of everyone else (mostly Greg), except for Books.

We used to do this for fun. Then, it was for the movies. Eventually, we did it for ourselves.

But now? Now, we do it to destroy one another.

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