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Localising your brand in Japan and becoming the #1 refill retailer with ecostore’s Hamish McCaroll and Alice Lynch
Episode 1921st November 2022 • Jandals in Japan • Jayne Nakata & Catherine O'Connell
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Iconic 30 year old Kiwi brand ecostore joins us on Jandals and they go above and beyond to share the story of their journey of entering the Japan market. Now becoming known as a leading brand in the refill market in all of Japan, ecostore is encouraging Japanese consumers to put their growing interest in SDGs into practice and making an effort to help consumers understand how their products support people and the environment.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How a cold email led to ecostore finding their hot new venture partner in Japan
  • What happened when they tried to transplant something that worked in NZ to Japan 
  • How ecostore have localised their messaging to speak to new consumers in Japan
  • What kind of attention to detail is important and why being “Ichi ban” or number one in something is so important.

About Hamish

Hamish McCarroll is ecostore’s Export Manager responsible for the company’s growth in offshore markets. He has been with ecostore since 2016 and was previously New Zealand Export Manager for international food company KraftHeinz. Prior to that he lived and worked in financial markets in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hamish enjoys spending time with his young family, and everything New Zealand’s beautiful outdoors and oceans has to offer!

About Alice

Alice Lynch is ecostore’s NZ-based Japan assistant providing support linguistically and culturally between ecostore NZ & ecostore Japan. Born in NZ to a Japanese mother & Kiwi father, Alice has been raised in-between cultures and brings a unique cross-cultural outlook to her role. After studying arts, media & language interpretation at the University of Auckland & AUT, Alice joined ecostore in 2018.

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