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The Reason for Our Hope 🕇 | + Outreach Book Launch!
20th May 2022 • Thriving on Purpose Podcast • Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard
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In this episode, Elisabeth and I share with the auddience the reason for our hope during these troubling times, and it all starts with... JESUS!

Also, I (Sebastien) introduce the NEW outreach book I wrote, titled: I Did It All for You: An Intimate Letter from Jesus

Get it here:

This prophetically inspired book is based on over 120 Scriptures and is meant to help you reach people for the Kingdom of God. Everybody has loved ones, family, friends, and co-workers who don't know the Lord. This book is perfectly tailored to reach the hard-to-reach.

So, If Jesus wrote you a letter concerning life and all the happenings in the world… would they read it?

Here is the Amazon decription:

What Would Jesus Say… to YOU?

I Did It All for You © is based on this singular premise.

What would Jesus say to you if He were sitting in your living room? What would He tell you about Himself and about you? What would He tell you about His death and resurrection? What would He tell you about His purpose and mission?

In this unique, captivating, and revelatory letter, Jesus explains how He did it all for you. His words will transform your life, no matter what circumstances you may be facing.

I Did It All for You distills Jesus’ timeless message as recorded in Scripture. It sheds further light on the uncompromising truth of His teachings and is seasoned with His unmistakable grace. It offers heavenly revelation and powerful encouragement, but also stern warnings concerning the times we live in. Through it you will experience Jesus’ compassion, truthfulness, wisdom, and unfailing love.

Based on sound research and over 120 Scripture references, this intimate letter from the Savior will fill your heart with hope and your mind with insight. But most importantly, His words will bring you peace and assurance amidst a world of chaos and uncertainty, as they provide answers to your deepest and most pressing questions.

Get the book:

And Here is the Publisher's take on it:

I Did It All for You © brings the reader into a close encounter of the God kind! Written in the first-person, it poignantly captures the essence of Jesus’ words and presents them in a new, powerful, and life-altering way.

In a postmodern world, where Christianity is deemed irrelevant and where sharing Christ has become increasingly challenging; what better way to share the Gospel than by offering the unreached or unbelieving a powerful literary encounter with Jesus and letting Him do the talking! Through this deeply moving letter, Jesus addresses His “dear ones” gracefully, lovingly, and yet unapologetically.

I Did It All for You makes the perfect gift and is an ideal outreach resource for:

  • Friends, co-workers, and family members
  • Christians desiring a refreshing encounter with Christ
  • Pastors and ministry leaders
  • Churches
  • Evangelical outreach efforts and ministries
  • Anybody who doesn’t know the Savior

I Did It All for You offers the reader a fascinating, revealing, and touching journey into the heart of the Savior, and sheds new light on the depth of the Good News.

The gift of Jesus is always in season.