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Leading Processes, Systems & Organizations | Season 3 Episode 8
30th December 2019 • Seek Go Create • Tim Winders | Leadership | Business | Ministry
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Great leaders create order from chaos. They create balance and trust within their organization. Efficient leaders formulate smart strategies and have the ability to make decisions. They also have planning and project management skills, which they use to anticipate challenges. Most importantly, great leaders are great stewards. They act as if everything they have is a blessing and treat it with care and diligence. 

In today's episode, Tim shares the importance of the processes and systems in organizations. He discusses the importance of a leader's strategic thinking, assessment of risk versus rewards, the anticipation of the future, time, and trust. Tim also talks about taking care of the blessings bestowed upon you and why great leaders are great stewards.

If you want to learn the skills and habits that make a leader great, make sure you listen to the full episode!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the skills and habits leaders must practice.
  2. Learn how leaders create order out of chaos.
  3. Tim shares with us the things he learned about leadership, planning, and project management.


Episode Highlights

[02:06] Tim's Background

  • Tim has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. Industrial engineers are usually the people in charge of creating systems and structures to do things more efficiently. 
  • His work entails delegating tasks or making automated systems or processes in production. In today's world, systematizing methods are pre-eminent.
  • When Tim encounters teams or businesses struggling, he finds ways to create systems or processes to help them out.     

[05:56] A Great Leader Creates Order Out of Chaos

  • Successful leaders can take chaotic situations and put them in order. 
  • Insecure leaders inject chaos into situations to feed their egos and make them feel needed when things aren't going well.
  • A great leader is responsible—someone who doesn’t create more chaos, overcomplicate issues, and make things harder for their team. 
  • Good stewards simplify and repair situations to create order by looking at the organization’s processes and systems.
“People that are successful in the leadership roles of organizations, teams, ministries, all those types of things, they have the ability to take chaotic situations and make order out of them.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[10:50] Strategic Thinking

  • A leader must be able to answer the questions regarding their organization’s mission with clarity.
  • Clarity comes from the ability to think strategically. 
  • Modern culture tends to overanalyze and overthink due to the overwhelming information available. It hinders people from making intelligent decisions. 
  • Practice making quick decisions. Narrow down your options as best as you can, make a choice, and move on. 
“One of our primary responsibilities is to attempt to provide clarity of the mission, whatever the mission statement is, whatever you're trying to accomplish, as a team, as a family, as an organization, as a ministry, is to clarify." - Click Here To Tweet This

[19:09] Risk vs. Reward

  • When making a decision, ask yourself: What's the worst thing that can happen?
  • Perform trials, adjust, learn from the results, stop if necessary. Don't let decisions appear as if they are life-altering and will forever change everything.

[20:53] Importance of Time

  • The lack of time is a significant challenge in modern society.
  • Due to the various devices we have, people do not allow themselves to sit down, reflect, and write their ideas. 
  • The ability to focus is one of our biggest challenges today. It deters people from becoming great problem solvers. 
  • Take some time to think, change your habits, and alter what you’re doing.   

[24:19] Looking Into the Future

  • Some people get anxious when they try to look into the future or beat themselves up because of their past mistakes. Creating smart plans will be a challenge if you operate with this mindset.
  • Great leaders have to anticipate the future; they are strategic thinkers and planners. Excellent leaders make preparations.
  • We use our past experiences to analyze and make decisions. 
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[27:05] Planning and Project Management

  • Organizations need methods, structures, or systems in place to address and deal with challenges. 
  • It’s easy to fall into using your emotions and getting confirmation bias when making decisions. To avoid this, you need to gather enough data about your organization and what is happening around you.
  • Get a wise counsel: Have a diverse set of people and personalities working with you to have as much knowledge as possible. 
  • Get a good coach. 
  • Learn from yesterday, focus on today, and plan for tomorrow.   

[36:14] On Possessions

  • Be stewards of the blessings God bestowed upon you. 
  • Today's society has become great at manufacturing and marketing, so people accumulate as much stuff as they want. 
  • Act as if everything you have, own, or control is a gift that you eventually need to return.
  • As a steward leader, you've been given a responsibility to lead. Look at it as a gift and be grateful. Nurture and take care of it.
“Everything you have, own, or control, act as if it’s a gift, and you’re going to have to return it.” - Click Here To Tweet This

[42:44] Trust in Stewardship

  • A great analogy of the concept of stewardship is when you take an asset, and you move it into a trust. The trustee becomes responsible for the asset, but they don’t own it.
  • It’s also similar to Tim’s experience with house-sitting.
  • We don’t own the things we think we do. 
  • You can't take your possessions with you when you leave this Earth. 
"On returning the gift of leadership: “When you're done with it, make it better than when you received it—make it better than when you took over in that role, make it better than when you stepped in.” - Click Here To Tweet This

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