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S2E3: Inside Branch 335
Episode 323rd October 2023 • The Syria Trials • 75 Podcasts
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Spring 2011. Following the wave of peaceful protests that has swept across the Middle East and North Africa, revolution has now come to Syria. The activists tell us what it was like to finally be able to shout out loud for their rights. Fritz hears about these joyful days - and how the regime quickly reacted with violence. General al-Halabi was the Head of General Intelligence Branch 335 when the uprising began. How did his branch respond to the growing protests?

The Syria Trials is a 75 Podcast production. This episode is hosted by Fritz Streiff, and produced by Sasha Edye-Lindner, with research and editorial support from Mais Katt. The voiceovers were provided by Cyril Nehmé and Muhammad Bakri. It was mixed by Tobias Withers.

Support for our podcast comes from German Federal Foreign Office funds that are provided by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen IFA’s Zivik Funding Programme.

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