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269: Hormonal Headaches and Migraines with Dr. Meg Mill
Episode 2695th September 2022 • The Period Party • Nicole Jardim
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Dr. Meg Mill is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, bestselling author, speaker, and host of the podcast A Little Bit Healthier, where she discusses things you can do every day to live a healthier, more fulfilled life. In her virtual Functional Medicine practice, she works with patients worldwide to heal the root cause of their health struggles through advanced diagnostic testing and personalized support.


In this episode, Dr. Meg and I talk about hormonal headaches and migraines and why they happen, how you can start to figure out the specific things that trigger your migraines, what to do at the moment when you have a headache, long-term practices to reduce headaches and migraines, and so much more!

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