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How to use awareness days to get press coverage
Episode 11024th March 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Have you seen news stories about awareness days and wondered how they come about?

There are hundreds of awareness days taking place every week and you CAN use them as a way to get press coverage.

As long as the awareness day relates to you and what you do, and you're able to create something relevant, you can use them to generate story ideas.

In this podcast learn how to use key dates to pitch to the press and everything you need to make your campaign take off.

It DOESN'T have to be your own awareness day.

You can be your own PR and plan your own campaign and get tonnes of press. Learn how in this episode.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

0.19 - How to keep in touch in the free Facebook group.

1.32 - Introduction to the episode and what awareness days are.

3.33 - Examples of the variety of awareness days.

5.23 - Having your own awareness day and examples Dogs In Yellow day on March 20th and National Terrier Day on March 27th.

6.11 - How Sarah secured 11 pieces of press in three days around her awareness day.

7.17 - Why you don’t have to have your own day.

9.20 - What makes a good awareness day campaign.

11.47 - Things to consider around creating an awareness day campaign.

13.22 - How to find dates to use.

14.20 - Examples of how existing awareness days can be used. 

16.56 - Why it’s essential to plan ahead.

20.56 - How to maximise the impact of your day and carry on the conversation.

24.26 - Going the extra mile to make an impact.

25.02 - Repurposing your awareness day content to make it work hard for you.

26.07 - What to do to get journalists attention on the actual day.

27.09 - Measuring the success of your day.

30.30 - How to get support for your awareness day. (E. Mail me

Links mentioned in this episode:

Click to read: How Kerry Jordan's National Dog Photography Day went viral

Learn more about Michelle Burgess from Scruffy Little Terrier's National Terrier Day

Learn more about Sarah Jones' Dogs In Yellow Day

Check out planners online like and on

This list from Sarah Jane White from Ruffle Snuffle is great and I also use Janet Murray’s Courageous Content planner.

Find out more about Caroline the Slim Pet Vet here:

Hire a copywriter if you’re feeling overwhelmed like Rikki Sullivan at The Canine Copywriter.

Alison Price can help with graphic design at

And Rosie Robinson with websites at

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