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Become The Bank Working With Note Investing! - Episode 80 w/ Tanya Brown
Episode 8019th January 2023 • The Headley Group Real Estate Show • The Headley Group Real Estate Show
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We're bringing the President of Pier Harbor Group all the way from Owings Mills, Maryland! 📍⁠💥⁠

Tanya Brown (@pierharborgroup) is bringing her extensive knowledge and her journey in Real Estate ⁠and, more specifically Note Investing, to the audience in this week's episode!⁠

In Episode 80 we discuss how to BECOME THE BANK while not dealing with the tenants⁉️🤯⁠

⁠This was a great episode as we jumped into ⁠a host of topics such as:

✔️Tanya's experiences in different branches of Real Estate⁠

✔️Secrets to why you should consider Note Investing when entering the world of Real Estate⁠

✔️How to "nicely" tell a friend when they are dealing with a bad deal ⁠

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