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Uncle Bard and the Dirty Bastards--Guitarist/Songwriter Silvano Ancelotti with Bruce Hilliard
Episode 23821st July 2022 • Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard • Bruce Hilliard
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Hey it's Bruce and come see me in concert at the Black Lab Gallery and Bar in Everett WA on Saturday July 23rd (that’s 2022) at 8:00. And please welcome today’s guest Silvano Ancelotti…From Italy, its Uncle Bard and the Dirty Bastards and some of the best Irish pub music you’ll ever hear.

Folk/Rock music, spiced up with Irish Trad! Based in the north of Italy (weird, innit?) and made up of lads who, in one way or another, lived or spent too much time in Ireland!

Too rock for the Folkies and too folk for the Rockies, the Bastards could please or disappoint almost everyone. Formed back in 2007, they play a unique blend of folk/rock and Traditional Irish Music. Uilleann pipes, tenor banjo, mandolin, Irish flute: there are few others bands in the folk/rock scene that could compete with the Bastards in terms of deep knowledge of Irish

Traditional Music and Irish culture and society.

As written in a review of the first album, “Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards don’t pretend to be Irish. [...] They are showing “huge gratitude and all the due respect to Irish music and culture”. They are really Ireland’s adopted sons and have brought a new breeze to the European Celtic rock scene.”