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The NSP Nutrition Show - Comprehensive Hormone Testing/ Benefits Of Iodine Supplementation
Episode 136th December 2021 • NSP Nutrition Show • NSP Nutrition
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Welcome to episode #13 of the NSP Nutrition Show!

In this episode, Arman and Frank discuss the right time to get a comprehensive hormone panel.

Plus, Arman reveals the benefits of supplementing with iodine.

- In this episode, you will discover: -

- Arman’s personal experience with hormone testing

- The age all men should consider getting a comprehensive hormone panel

- Which hormones you should have tested for optimal health and body composition

- The benefits of testing your hormone levels

- The little-known iodine-rich food that Vince used to recommend to his clients

- How iodine can help you burn more fat and improve your body composition

- The best iodine supplement on the market to keep your thyroid strong and firing on all cylinders

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