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Summer Well Series: Create Your Leadership Roadmap
Episode 26Bonus Episode25th August 2022 • Let's Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders • Kishshana Palmer
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In this Episode . . .

Kishshana points out that you all carry a leadership role in some aspect of your life whether in your career, in your faith-based organization, social organizations, or as a leader at home. She suggests contemplating what you need in a leadership roadmap for yourself, to set your leadership foundation, in order to figure out how to be a good leader. 

Your Leadership Roadmap

Have you dug into the foundation of who you are so you can create and grow your leadership roadmap? Are you fortified enough? Are you self-aware? Are you introspective? Can you take feedback? Where are you in that journey for yourself? Once you determine what is in your actual foundation you've got to learn how to build, how to sustain, and how to give social capital. How are you building relationships with your peers, with folks that you want to be in alignment with, who may not be your peers, and with folks who look up to you? And ultimately, who is on your support team, and are you leveraging that support in a way that is allowing you to prop up your wellness game plan, inviting goodness into your atmosphere, and releasing the things that are not good for you or your leadership?

Episode Highlights:

(4:25) Each of us carry a leadership role;

(6:00) Think about your leadership foundation;

(7:42) Building relationships;

(12:47) Leveraging support tools for your wellness game plan;

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