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Two ways to choose (or clarify) your travel niche
Episode 321st November 2021 • Travel Marketing & Media ® • Sandra McLemore
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A specific quote keeps popping up everywhere I go right now. I saw it on Pinterest and then in a notebook in Homegoods. Now it's my ride-or-die quote sitting front and center on a post-it note in my office...

You can do anything, not everything.

I love it.

I then thought, "Hey, this is like niching your business"...

You sell anything, not everything.

In this episode, I'll show you two excellent ways to choose and/or clarify a niche for your travel business:

  1. The street intersection method (made up by me)
  2. The commission method (also made up by me)

As you can see, the first episode is only 18 minutes, and right now, you're only one click away from the start.


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