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Dani & John’s Worst Parking Experiences & Biggest Frustrations w/ the Industry
Episode 425th April 2024 • All Things Parking with Dani and John • John D. Conway, Dani Crain
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Everyone has had a horrible experience at a parking lot. In this episode, Dani and John laugh, commiserate, and swap their worst horror stories from parking their cars.  

In this episode, your hosts Dani Crain and John D. Conway get into:

* Parking tickets. 

* Painful and annoying parking experiences. 

* Prioritizing paid parking for convenience, avoiding neighborhoods with free parking.

* John shares his worst parking experience, where his car was stolen after he parked.

* John and Dani discuss their experiences with towing in different cities, with Dani sharing a story about her car being wrongfully towed in Denver.

* Towing regulations. 

* The frustration of receiving a ticket for parking in a lot without proper signage.

* The importance of industry collaboration to address the challenges brought by technology, particularly in the realm of data-driven innovation.

* The need for a standardized language to facilitate communication between different software and API's in the parking industry.

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