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Complaints and How to Survive Them E4: Creating a Workplace Where it's OK to Fail with Prof Susan Fairlie and Dr Jane Sturgess
Episode 8422nd June 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Prof Susan Fairley and Dr Jane Sturgess join us in this episode to discuss how to create a workplace where you can handle difficult conversations and not shy away from failure.

Episode Highlights

[07:07] The Workplace and the Individual

  • There should be a system at work that allows other people to challenge someone who is not doing the right thing.

[10:08] Improving the System on an Organisational Level

  • There needs to be an expectation of making communication easier and more respectful.

[14:22] Get Juniors to Speak Up

  • Calling each other by first names reduces the hierarchy between colleagues.

[19:22] Having Difficult Conversations and Reducing Defensiveness

  • Sometimes, the kind thing to do is to have a difficult conversation with a colleague.
  • When a leader doesn't listen up, the members will not be able to speak up.

[22:57] How to Face Difficult Conversations for Leaders

  • Remove the emotion and listen to the content.
  • Seek coaching and psychological supervision.

[26:47] Helping a Person Receive Feedback

  • H3: head, heart and hand.
  • POIPS: permission, observed, impact, pause and solutions. 
  • Advocacy-inquiry: understanding the other person’s opinion before intervening with your own perspective. 

[32:17] Incident Reporting

  • Institutions that report incidents have lower risk and better safety outcomes. 

[39:27] Good Practices in Speaking Up and Providing Feedback

  • Staff that feel valued, engaged, safe and empowered to speak up and have difficult conversations directly correlates with patient mortality.

[42:24] Addressing Issues Around Incident Reporting

  • The first issue is not recognising a problem as significant enough to need reporting.
  • The second issue is it takes time to write an incident report.

[47:14] Building Trust

  • Every gesture and action we take speaks volume.

[51:41] How to Start Speaking Up

  • Having a coach, clinical supervision and mentor is powerful.
  • Unless you practise something, you won’t get good at it.

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