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Day 0 – The Journey has Begun
1st June 2015 • Wisdom-Trek © - Archive 1 • H. Guthrie Chamberlain, III
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Wisdom-Trek / Creating a Legacy

This first podcast/journal post is to set up  “base camp” 

as we begin our Wisdom-Trek.

Since this is the first episode, and I am laying the foundation for the Wisdom-Trek podcast, I am referring to this as Day 0 – The Journey has Begun.

I am Guthrie Chamberlain, Your Guide to Wisdom. Below I will share a little more about me personally, but also check out the About Wisdom-Trek page on the website to get to know me better.  My hope is that I will also have an opportunity to get to know each member of our Wisdom-Trek team throughout our journey together.

It will be an interesting, exciting and worthwhile trek, and it is my hope and desire that you will join me on this daily journey.  We will learn from each other and share mutual joy as we travel together. While I do not believe that I “have arrived” in my personal quest, I have spent my adult life studying the Scriptures and learning from wise individuals that have hiked this trail of life before.

Each day we will explore and consume a small “nugget” of wisdom as we cover a different subject or terrain.  This 7 day a week, 7 minutes of wisdom will help us to live life abundantly, authentically, and with integrity. Along the way we will be seeking wisdom and discipline and striving to understand the insights of the wise.  By doing so we will learn to live disciplined and successful lives and to do what is right, just, and fair. I will count it a privilege if you allow me to be your guide as we trek together.

I do want to note that the associated podcast to this journal will be my authentic self” with limited editing.  That is how life is – there are no dress rehearsals in life.  We make mistakes, we make unwise choices, we stumble, and we fall sometimes.  While we occasionally have opportunities for “do-overs,” the foibles of life remain with us, and that is okay.

While I will strive to produce error free, high quality podcast and journal entries, I also realize that I am human. I make mistakes. So you will hear me occasionally mispronounce words,  have awkward pauses, and get my words twisted around .  My goal with Wisdom-Trek, as with life, is to provide you with honest, authentic and excellent content, even though my presentation may not always be perfect.  Thank you in advance for understanding, and let us enjoy this journey together.  I would encourage you to share your stories with us so that we may also learn from you in our trek.


So why have I titled our journey “Wisdom-Trek”?

Being a Science Fiction enthusiast from childhood, I have always been enamored with the thought of exploring. As one of 10 children, I was blessed to grow up with loving parents on an apple orchard with acres of woods. Along with my siblings, I spent untold hours exploring the “lower 40 acres” with all of its ravines, trees, creeks and a nice size pond.  Those experiences carried over into my fantasy of exploring the universe as I faithfully watched the Star-Trek original series on TV. As an adult, I continued to watch all Star-Trek series and other space related programs.

While I still love space programs and movies, my exploration has lead me to the pursuit of wisdom which has also intrigued me.  As we trek together, it is my hope that we will create a legacy of wisdom, that we will seek out discernment and insights, and that we will boldly grow where few have chosen to grow before. In doing so, we will establish the framework in our lives that will truly allow us to “Live Long and Prosper.”

My journal and podcast will not necessarily be focused toward others who share my life of faith as a Christ follower. However, my foundation for seeking wisdom has certainly been strongly influenced by the wisdom that is contained within God’s Word and especially the book of Proverbs. Within the Wisdom-Trek portal, I also have a separate blog on the Book of Proverbs if you are interested. Regardless of your personal spiritual leanings, there is a great deal of wisdom contained in the Scriptures that are applicable to everyone’s lives. If this wisdom is followed, it will result in a rich and full life in all areas.

There are many additional areas that we will explore in our pursuit of wisdom. I will bring in many life experiences (my own and many others) that have influenced me on my Wisdom-Trek. We will also glean the wisdom of many leaders and mentors that have impacted my journey through the mountains and valleys of life.  Life’s lessons are not always easy, but if we can learn and grow from them, then those lessons are good lessons.  This is how we gain wisdom.

To better prepare for, and understand this journey that we are about to embark on together, let us first look at the dictionary meaning of both the words “wisdom” and “trek“:

Wisdom (n) the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight

Trek (v) to travel or migrate, especially slowly or with difficulty

Based on these definitions, we will pursue actions and decisions that are true and right, with discernment and insight. This pursuit will be slow and at times difficult, but that does not mean that our journey will be without joy and abundance in all areas of life – those are choices that we must make each day.

The more that we pursue wisdom the more we will realize that the important matters of life are not in what we have in material blessings, but the blessings that we have in positively impacting the lives of others. There is nothing wrong with financial success at all, for it is the tool whereby we can impact other lives to a greater magnitude, but financial success must always remain as a tool.  Think about money as our backpack on our trek. It can provide us, and others sustenance, tools, shelter, and protection.  Indeed on our Wisdom-Trek, we will enjoy our journey as we live each day with the true abundance that makes life worth living.

Each day we will climb to new heights as we look at a different topic of life, which will help to us to gain insights of the wise. As we grow slowly we will make incremental progress in living a disciplined and successful life.  This will allow us to do what is right, just, and fair in every area of life. Some days we may just sit at camp and ponder the lessons that we have learned.  It is my hope as your guide, as we trek together, or sit around camp, that you will also share stories and insights in the comment section of our podcast/journal.  Think of the comments as our “Trek Journal” as we traverse life together.

There is a definite path to gaining wisdom. It is not a mystery, and it is available to anyone who chooses.  It is important to have a good navigation system and guide, which I hope to assist with.  Life is, at times, hard. The trek may be slow and difficult, but the reward of gaining wisdom and insight is greater than any amount of material gain. We do need to tune our ears to listen for wisdom and concentrate on understanding. We need to cry out for insight, and ask for understanding. If we search for them as we would silver and seek for them like hidden treasures, then we will gain the insights of the wise.


Together we can climb Wisdom’s mountain to reach new heights and to see more clearly lands an places that may not be visible to us now. One crucial point is that we should never trek alone.  No one would ever attempt scaling Mt. Everest alone, for it would be certain death. It takes a trained and experienced guide along with the teamwork of each person to reach the summit.

In the same manner let us take our Wisdom-Trek together. Yes I will be a guide on our journey, but each one of us will work together to create a legacy of wisdom that can be passed on to others that we impact.  This impact will not only shape our world, but indeed the entire world as more individuals join our trek.  Share the news with everyone you know, invite them to join us, the rewards will be grand.  Throughout each day’s trek, I will endeavor to share information and tools that will help us along our way.

I would be honored if you would take the time to visit iTunes or the site that you are using to access Wisdom-Trek and subscribe so that it will be available for you each day.  Please leave us a rating on each episode and spread the word to everyone you know to join us on our Wisdom-Trek. Thank You!

As we journey on our adventure, I would count it a privilege to assist in any manner. Let’s chat in the comments, ask questions, offer suggestions, share with our crew, and let us always remember to “Enjoy the Journey!”

Your Guide to Wisdom, Guthrie

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