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13 – Making an Audition Tape with Howie and Sid
Episode 1315th September 2017 • The Bhangra Podcast • Umer Qureshi
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Hey y'all! On this episode Sid Pandit from FCB and Howie Magaro from AEG talk about the keys to making a good audition tape. Our discussion focuses on:

-What competition organizers look for

-How to deal with the stress

-And some tips and tricks

1:19 - A competition organizer’s take on what they look for in an audition tape

3:07 - Dealing with the pressure of actually recording the tapes

6:15 - Examples of audition tapes

MBT Burgh 2015 -

MBT Boiler 2016 -

MBT Blowout 2016 -

FCB Burgh 2013 -

FCB Motor City 2016 -

8:02 - What do you do if it’s crunch time and a tape isn’t done?

10:30 - Some funny stuff that has happened during a taping

13:08 - Jodis wearing the same thing

13:55 - Having an audience when taping

14:52 - Making your tape in a public space

16:50 - Where to apply

19:25 - Closing thoughts

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