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Beyond the Copy: Jacq's Transformation into a Creative Connoisseur
Episode 617th May 2024 • More Than A Brand • Lindsay Tramel-Jones
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In this episode of "More Than a Brand," I had the pleasure of sitting down with my dear friend and creative powerhouse, Jacq, also known as the copy whisperer. Jacq shared insights into her multifaceted career, which spans from professional cooking to copywriting, and how her creative endeavors extend into painting, directing, and even hosting dinner parties.

Jacq opened up about her journey from being labeled merely as a copywriter to embracing a broader identity that encapsulates all her creative talents. She discussed the transformative nature of her work with clients, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and digging deep into personal and brand identities. This approach not only reshapes her clients' perspectives but also continuously molds her own personal and professional evolution.

As we wrapped up, Jacq envisioned her future in the creative industry, aspiring to continue breaking barriers and supporting revolutionary voices in various sectors through her evolving business and creative endeavors.

This episode was not just a conversation but a profound exploration of what it means to live authentically and embrace the full spectrum of one's identity, both personally and professionally. Jacq's journey and insights are a beacon for anyone looking to infuse more authenticity into their life and work.

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