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Inside the Mind of Champions - Jeremy Snape EPISODE 16, 20th August 2020
Rethinking Downtime
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Rethinking Downtime

As our work has become more flexible, our working days have lengthened. While this is fine to hit a short-term deadline, prolonged exposure to stress can create mental health issues and burnout. In today’s episode we explore practical ways to manage our technology and develop healthier stress and recovery cycles in our daily lives.


We’ll hear more from the neuroscientists Dr. John Coates and Prof. Vincent Walsh about the brain benefits from downtime, and leading athletes, such as former footballer Eniola Aluko and ballerina Victoria Marr, about prioritising your wellbeing. We also find out some great insights about self-awareness from Rugby coach Stuart Lancaster and bestselling author of ‘Stuffocation’, James Wallman.


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Resources mentioned:

‘The Hour Between Dog and Wolf’ by John Coates

RescueTime - Report

‘Stuffocation’ by James Wallman

‘Busy’ by Tony Crabbe

‘Rest’ by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang


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