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E219 - Achieving your financial goals is simple when you understand the language of money | with Jackson Millan
Episode 2191st April 2022 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Jackson Millan, co-founder, and CEO of Aureus Financial believes that there are three simple steps for entrepreneurs to achieve their financial goals. For the last 15 years, Jackson has helped service-based business owners reverse engineer the roadmap to financial freedom by creating a sustainable and scalable path, allowing entrepreneurs to turn business profits into personal wealth. Having worked with over 800 clients around the globe with a combined wealth of over $1.5 billion, the Wealth Mentor Jackson Millan shares his One Big Tip, using a three-level approach to meet your financial goals and generate personal wealth.  

All entrepreneurs chase the same dreams, work hard, reinvest profits, become big earners, attain financial freedom. According to Jackson, that’s an outdated mode of relating to money. His proven method for realizing financial goals is to learn how to flex your financial money memory. This is done by understanding the language of money and letting go of the emotional baggage that guides financial decisions. 

Jackson saw his parents working long hours to achieve financial success as a young boy. They believed that hard work was the answer to a successful future. For Jackson, there was a disconnect between what they were telling him and how they were living. He realized that the path to financial freedom was where your money worked for you, not the other way around. Jackson began his career as a financial advisor but soon realized that what the market needed was a wealth coach who could help others understand the language of money. That is why he created the three lever system. By utilizing the same framework he teaches his clients, Jackson achieved financial freedom at 32.  Listen to the One Big Tip podcast, where Jackson gives an in-depth understanding of his three lever system and how to make it work for you!

To understand the language of money, you need to follow a clear roadmap. First, define your financial goals with clarity. Know what you want to achieve. Is it purchasing a car, a home, or investing in the market? Next, identify the roadblocks, hurdles, and obstacles in your way. These are the things stopping you from realizing your profits and converting them into personal wealth. Jackson coined these obstacles cash flow bottlenecks. The third lever is creating a clear, simple path that is not reactive or emotionally driven but forward-facing.

By processing every financial transaction through this three lever lens, you start making proactive financial decisions rather than reactive decisions. Suppose you wanted to invest $10,000 into the stock market this year. That’s $2,500 per quarter. When making financial choices, ask yourself, is it serving your goal? Are you reaching your target?  Once you have this roadmap in place, you need to learn how to leverage the three steps by deciding how much you can afford to put toward your goal, how much risk are you comfortable taking, and how long are you willing to wait to achieve them? With these steps, every entrepreneur can turn business profits into personal wealth. The last thing Jackson talks about is flipping the profit formula on its head. Instead of approaching your business with a profits last mentality, putting profits first will help free up business cash flow putting you closer to reaching your goals. Listen to Jackson’s story on the One Big Tip podcast. 

In this episode:

  • [1:16] Jackson explains how he started in the wealth management industry and what sets him apart from Wall Street.
  • [2:34] Jackson created the three lever system to create personal wealth. 
  • [4:13] Understanding the language of money and how it teaches you to make proactive financial decisions is vital for achieving wealth. 
  • [8:12] Jackson explains how to put the three levers into action. 
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