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#36 Bayesian Non-Parametrics & Developing Turing.jl, with Martin Trapp
Episode 3630th March 2021 • Learning Bayesian Statistics • Alexandre Andorra
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I bet you already heard of Bayesian nonparametric models, at least on this very podcast. We already talked about Dirichlet Processes with Karin Knudson on episode 4, and then about Gaussian Processes with Elizaveta Semenova on episode 21. Now we’re gonna dive into the mathematical properties of these objects, to understand them better — because, as you may know, Bayesian nonparametrics are quite powerful but also very hard to fit!

Along the way, you’ll learn about probabilistic circuits, sum-product networks and — what a delight — you’ll hear from the Julia community! Indeed, my guest for this episode is no other than… Martin Trapp!

Martin is a core developer of Turing.jl, an open-source framework for probabilistic programming in Julia, and a post-doc in probabilistic machine learning at Aalto University, Finland.

Martin loves working on sum-product networks and Bayesian non-parametrics. And indeed, his research interests focus on probabilistic models that exploit structural properties to allow efficient and exact computations while maintaining the capability to model complex relationships in data. In other words, Martin’s research is focused on tractable probabilistic models.

Martin did his MsC in computational intelligence at the Vienna University of Technology and just finished his PhD in machine learning at the Graz University of Technology. He doesn’t only like to study the tractability of probabilistic models — he also is very found of climbing!

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