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Fine Art & Fashion Photographer - Christyl O’Flaherty on Expert Talk 9@9
Episode 2331st August 2021 • Expert Talk with TGo • Theresa Goss
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Christyl has led and empowered many creatives through workshops, group events and teaching one on one. A storyteller by heart she loves to breathe life into her creations. Christyl is a self-taught photographer who has encompassed the ability to visualize a concept and execute it with depth and meaning for all involved. Internationally published several times and as of recent, created works for the National Service Parks US GOV to be recognized as the face of the Historical Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad tour media.

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Hey everybody. Welcome to the show. You know where you are? 9 @ 9 with me TGo. And today we're going to have a little bit of fun and we're going to talk about fine art and just beautiful creative and textural and oh yeah. A great headshot for me today, Christyl. O'Flaherty's in the house. Christyl. Are you out there?

There you are. Good morning world 9@9, Ypu know, you're an amazing artist. I had the opportunity to meet you at Greg Reid's Prosperity Camp about a month or so ago. And you took this amazing headshot for me. Hopefully Allen can drop that in there. My big square head, you know, there it is. That's the best headshot I've had since probably old second grade.

When my mother took me to the mall and I looked so cute, my little lace socks, I'm just, I'm just gonna put it out there. That was a lot of fun. Good day. Good day. You're not usually doing headshots. I mean, you did that for the special event and, and we all thank you. We definitely thank you for doing it, but that's not really your specialty is No it isn't.

What do you do? My passion is to showcase and, you know, individuals in a very unique way that really demonstrates either their mythic self or it demonstrates something very unique that will be memorable through fine art photography. And it's just truly as my passion. So I love what I do. And I like to really incorporate other folks in the whole creation process.

So I believe, you know, a lot of people will say to me, well, how is it that you do what you do? Well, I, I don't do it all. I actually really pull in my clients and I make them a part of that process. So therefore it's a very, it's an equal creative process that makes the end result.

You've mentioned before we went live, we were talking. And you said, you know, if you were to film or take a photo and do a portrait of a chef, it would, you would definitely know this person as a chef. Can you like reiterate that story real quick For me? Absolutely. So, you know, versus, you know,

a lot of people they're still kind of stuck in this old, you know, idea of, I need a headshot. I just wanna, you know, get something on my website so people can see who I am and, you know, like, and when I was mentioning was the, it, for instance, say I had a chef, I would put him up there with holding an octopus was knife in a,

in maybe an old Ratatouille looking vintage costume and, and getting really into it and really showcase them. And people will really remember that, you know, so that's, that's what I do. So you're basically Making them a piece of art. It's not just a photo. It's, it's truly a piece of art. Yes. So how much time does that take,

I mean, you know, I'm a, I'm a video person. We do, you know, 60 frames a second here, come on. How much time does it take to create that? I mean, that beautiful piece of art that you do. It, it varies, it varies on topic, of course. And at the in-depth of each costume in location,

you know, it can be anywhere from an hour to a couple of days, really. It's just in, in it's dependent on the, in depth of how much work we put into it. You know, if I'm building a big major set that's going to, of course take a couple of days and then some post-production. So it's really just a,

whatever the theme is. So we're definitely going to see each other again, really, really soon. We're both going to be a Secret Knock. We got some really cool stuff happening. You guys make sure you watch out because the new edition of the Show Notes magazine is in there. It's almost all the artwork is inside of. It belongs to the Christyl.

Thank you so much for that. It looks amazing. I can't wait to share it. No, you guys can't see it before Secret Knock don't even ask me, but I've got to ask you if someone has a special event and they wanted to create some art pieces of their partners, of their, you know, different event that they're doing. Is that something you'll do,

will you go on location and like create magic or do they have to come to You? It's I can do both. Okay. Okay. We'll schedule we'll concept. We'll theme. We'll build. And pretty much, if you can dream it, we can make, I can make it happen. When I First looked at your, at your artwork, when you sent me over some of your pieces,

I thought, you know, we are the, I'm not a foodie, but I have family members that are foodies and watches all the foodie type shows. And when I looked at it, you know, when you see some of these cakes that some of these guys make, there's no way you believe that's a cake. And when I look at some of the artwork that you do,

I go, there's no way that's a person. You know, she had to create that as CGI or something because they can't be a regular person. What got you started doing this? Did you go to college for this? How did you get started? I'm self-taught. And I honestly, when you know, I've been creepy and very creative since I was a very little girl,

I grew up in the middle of the woods. I was an only child. So I had to entertain myself. So I would start creating with nature and building, dancing women out of flowers and fairy houses and you name it. So I had to learn to, to really get creative at an early age age. And then I would, you know,

then I would dress up. My dolls I'd make their own clothes. Then later on, I, you know, of course had my own children, which was a lot of fun and I would dress them up. And then I got into the whole, like serious industry of fashion and working with models. And, and I just realized, you know,

ha you have to create your world, have to bring your own blessing. You have to bring your own joy and it's, and it was really right at my fingertips. And it was just something I've found that came very natural. And it's what I love. So when you do things that you love, it, it just, it shows in a way that's different than if he feels like work,

You know, your work, definitely. It shows the love and the passion you have for what you do in your craft. And you're truly an artist. And self-taught, that's amazing. So I know there are people at home right now that are going, or maybe they're at their job and they're listening on the side or driving down the road. And they're saying,

man, I want to create art. You know, I I'm in corporate America or I'm in high school or something. And I want to, I have this idea to, how would you tell them to Get started? I would just say if, you know, especially in the realms of photography, charge your batteries and show up, just show up,

just do it, do it over and over and over and watch workshops and just, and, and seek others who are, who are doing it. Go, go to the people who are actually having it happen. And I teach workshops as well. I do. One-on-one so I'm happy to be reached out for that as well. And How would they,

because some people are listening, some are watching, I know our producer has been showing your website, but real quick before he cuts us off. Cause he's rude. Where should they go? If they want to reach out to you, They can go to And that is my email and my website that's shown on the screen at You can reach me through the website as well.

And Instagram @ChristylOFlaherty thought official. And there are several accounts that are trying to pretend to be me. So make sure it is the one that says official was no numbers after it. Wow. Well, well, well, and I know Allen showed the orange dress and that's your first NFT Am I Right? Correct. Yes. That's Amazing.

That is a beautiful shot. I thank you so much for coming on the show. I can't wait to see you at Secret Knock. We're going to do some really cool stuff. Y'all got to see the show notes, man. Christyl is amazing. and as always just as I get done. Mr. Allen decides to cut me off. I'm starting to think he likes doing that.

Hey, I hope you enjoy this episode. Please go check out because the artwork on the website is absolutely amazing. You get lost in it all day. I hope you'll be here next time. And as always I'm TGo I'll talk to ya next time. See y'all next time.