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150: Beyond the Bite: Understanding Lyme Disease's Impact on Pain, Fatigue, & Hormone Imbalance
Episode 1509th March 2023 • Healthy Living Simple Keto Life • Dr Lisa Olszewski
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Dr. Diane Mueller knows firsthand what it is like to be misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed, and told that everything is fine when it most certainly is not. At one point in her medical history, she thought she might be dying due to the serious memory loss and inability to walk. Lyme Disease was one of the root causes that caused symptom from pain to digestive disorders and hormonal imbalances. At her clinic, My Lyme Doc, she is passionate about helping people return to full health, just as she did.

Covered in this episode:
  • When should someone consider that Lyme Disease is an underlying cause of their symptoms?
  • How does Lyme Disease impact the brain, the hormones, the gut and sleep?
  • What does one do to determine if they have Lyme Disease?
  • How does one begin to treat Lyme Disease?



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