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154: Introducing new hosts: Lormarev Jones and Griffin James
Episode 15416th May 2022 • Artist Soapbox * Audio fiction + Creative Process • Tamara Kissane
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Hey friends,

It’s Tamara here. I hope you enjoyed the previous 3 audio fiction episodes from the Food for Thought project. As you know, Artist Soapbox produces original scripted audio fiction such as the three FFT projects, as well as interviews with artists about their creative process. 

We’re back to the interview/conversational format with this episode and most of the ones to follow for this season. Today, I’m dipping in to introduce 2 of our new podcast hosts – Lormarev Jones and Griffin James. If you’ve been a long time listener of Artist Soapbox, then you will likely know them and you can also read their bios on the Artist Soapbox website. Have you looked at our beautiful website? I am so in love with it. 

Now, Lormarev and Griffin contain multitudes of course, but here are some bread crumbs for your to follow into their conversation:

Lormarev Jones is an Educator, Director/Choreographer, and Actor and Intimacy Director. Lormarev currently teaches at Meredith College while continuing to freelance in all her areas of expertise. She has been interviewed on the Soapbox several times, acted in an episode of ASBX shorts and will be super featured in the upcoming scripted audio fiction piece: Jesus Pancake. She is well-known as a hydration advocate. 

Griffin James is an interdisciplinary theatre maker and writer local to the triangle area. They have a degree in English Creative Writing from NC State where they were involved with the university theatre as a performer, stage manager, and more. Griffin was the production manager for all six of the ASBX Shorts and all 3 of the Food for Thought Projects. Whew, my blood runs cold thinking about all of that logistical management. You can also catch them voicing the Drunk College Student in I'm Not Here Right Now. (Griffin was not type cast in that role.)

In this episode, you’ll hear these two friends introduce themselves and each other. You’ll get a sense of their style and vibe, and what they’ll be focusing on in their own episodes this Season.

Lormarev and Griffin are two of my favorite people, and I know you will love them too. I’m so grateful that they have agreed to step in as hosts. And guess what? In the next episode, you’ll hear me introduce two more of my favorite people and guest hosts, Juliana Finch and the inimitable Mara Thomas. So stay tuned for that. 

Enjoy this episode with Lormarev and Griffin.


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