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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 21, 17th July 2020
Product Marketing Insider | Farhan Manjiyani, Qu POS
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Product Marketing Insider | Farhan Manjiyani, Qu POS

Associate Product Marketing Manager at Qu POS, and founding 500 member and associate at PMA, Farhan Manjiyani, shares his experience of moving into a PMM role following a career in sales, what attracted him to the role, how that perspective has helped him work with his salesforce, the importance of internal empathy, how to thinks the role needs to change in the future and heaps more good stuff.


"I think important for empathy, when you are so cross-functional, you need to intimately understand everyone else's KPIs. You need to know, how do they win? And how can you align yourself to that winning and part of that is understanding what a day in the life is like, for each of these people."