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#011: Life Lessons from Almost 40 Years in the Guitar Education Industry with Frank Gambale
1st July 2022 • TopMusicGuitar Podcast • Tim Topham
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Grammy-winning guitar virtuoso, Frank Gambale, is a world-renowned guitarist, composer, and has 40 years of experience in guitar education industry. In the ’80s, he moved from Australia to LA where he became a member of the faculty at Guitar Institute of Technology, started playing for Chick Corea and touring the world, and eventually entered the world of online teaching. He has shared his passion for music with hundreds of thousands around the globe with his music and educational resources. In this episode, Frank tells us more about his journey and experience, his educational resources, how he did it, his transition into online teaching, and of course, some insightful tips and advice for aspiring artists and teachers today.

  • Frank shares his story of moving from Australia to LA in the ’80s.
  • His experience of becoming a member of the faculty at GIT.
  • Fulfilling his dream of playing with Chick Corea.
  • Frank tells us more about the educational resources he released and how he did it.
  • The changes in the field of musical education and guitar education industry over the last couple of decades.
  • What prompted Frank to go online and create his own music school.
  • Transitioning into online teaching and running his school virtually.
  • His philosophy when it comes to teaching and guitar education.
  • Frank shares more about inventing his own system of tuning – Gambale Tuning.
  • His future plans.
  • The processes he follows for composition from start to completion.
  • Tips for aspiring artists who want to have a music career in this current year, new age, post-pandemic digital world.
  • One final piece of wisdom that Frank wants to impart on guitar players and guitar teachers.
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Grammy-winning guitar virtuoso, Frank Gambale, exploded on the L.A. scene in the early ’80s. His meteoric rise to fame is a testament to his passion-powered playing – a style Rolling Stone magazine called “ferocious!” Gambale is an inspired songwriter with more than 300 songs published on 20+ albums. His music touches on many styles from rock, funk and jazz, to R&B, and some Latin and Brazillian influences.

As a legendary guitarist, Grammy Award Winner and three times Grammy Nominated, Gambale is an undisputed genius who originated the “Gambale Sweep Picking Technique” (an economy picking technique and a new way to play the instrument) and elevated it to a precise art form now standard in the guitar lexicon. The “Gambale Sweep Picking Technique” continues to inspire generations of musicians. Jazz, rock, metal and progressive artists alike are united in their awe of Frank as both an amazing technician and an unsurpassed musician.


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