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E258 - Create conversations, not transactions, to increase sales for your business | with Kate DiLeo
Episode 25816th August 2022 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Kate Dileo wants to help you create a brand story that increases customer awareness and drives sales. Since Kate founded her company in 2019, she has worked with over 200 companies across 20 industries, helping them develop brand stories that resonate with their customers. Kate created a brand trifecta that contains the three crucial steps you need to develop successful branding. The basis of this trifecta is to stop looking at business from a transactional perspective and start having conversations. Listen to this One Big Tip podcast episode and learn how branding can increase your bottom line.

Kate DeLeo, a self-proclaimed accidental strategist and author of “Muting the Megaphone,” began her career in sales. She quickly realized that if she wanted to reach her sales quota, she needed to differentiate herself, her product, and her pitch from the competition. Since 2019, Kate has taught entrepreneurs and established business owners how to pitch to their audience effectively, so they stand out from the competition. Using her unique framework, Kate teaches her clients that sales will naturally go up once you start having conversations with your customers and clients.

The best brands are built upon creating solutions for their target market's pain points and clearly stating this in their value proposition statement.  To create a value prop that sounds authentic to your brand, you need to know what your company stands for and stay true to that voice. If your brand is playful, then your tone and approach should match. The second step to successful branding is knowing who your audience is. Know what their pain points are, know what solutions they are looking for, understand what drives them and then target that. Kate’s clients experienced a shorter sales cycle when branding is on point across every industry. A shorter sales cycle leads to higher quarterly revenue, increasing your yearly ROI. The third part of Kate’s framework is to turn sales pitches into conversations. Conversations are engaging and draw people in. That is the start of a successful sales cycle.

If you’re interested in rebranding your company’s image or offer, listen to this episode of the One Big Tip podcast and learn all about the trifecta that has proven results. 

In this episode:

[2:40] Kate shares her early career steps

  • Sales are all about making the buyer feel like they are gaining something of value
  • Relationships are the foundation of solid sales

[9:02] To stand out from the competition, you need to have a clear message

  • Know who your target audience is
  • Understand their pain point 
  • Create a clear value proposition

[14:26] Be authentic to your brand

  • Customers can connect better with your company when you align your brand and strategy with your tone
  • Know who you are and what you are offering, be very specific

[17:09] Maintain brand consistency across all social media platforms

  • This allows for quick customer recognition 
  • It keeps your brand voice authentic 

[20:00] When branding is done right, sales cycles shorten

  • Your conversions happen quicker when you combine all the right strategies
  • A shorter sales cycle correlates to higher revenue

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