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610: Devin Hampton is Unlocking MORE than Utility Data at UtilityAPI
Episode 6106th July 2023 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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UtilityAPI is transforming the energy industry by making utility customer bill and interval data accessible & useful. In today’s conversation, Devin explains the complexities of developing a platform that ensures safe and secure data sharing among various energy stakeholders, as well as what it was like becoming the CEO of a revenue-positive climate tech startup and taking it through its next round of funding. This episode was first aired on our climate tech investment podcast, Climate Avengers, and Nico considered it so good that he is foregoing doing a typical “SunCast-style” interview with Devin and instead just cross-sharing the episode here (so, in fairness, if you’re a Climate Avengers subscriber, you may have already heard this one). 

Devin and Nico discuss many elements of his coming of age as a climate tech executive, not the least of which is the experience of leading a funding round, particularly as a person of color, during this recent economic downturn.  His perspectives are insightful, emphasizing how he specifically defines 'impact' and the importance of selecting the right investors for scaling any business. Devin is transparent about his personal experiences, shedding light on the unique challenges and victories he's navigated. Among the many gems shared, one especially bright moment is how he helped unlock additional equity earmarked specifically for diverse new talent, with a vision to help them participate in the wealth creation that tech startups can often create for early shareholders.  He also discusses his top picks for climate tech investments right now, giving us all a few more climate tech leaders and companies to add to our Twitter feeds!

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