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S2 | Ep 33 | The Impact of Design on Analytics with Brian T. O'Neill, Founder of Designing for Analytics
Episode 3317th May 2022 • Driven by Data: The Podcast • Orbition Group
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In Episode 33 of Season 2, on Driven By Data, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by, Founder of Designing Analytics, Brian O'Neil where they discuss the impact of the design on analytics which includes:

  • Why nobody really wants your team’s data science and analytics…even if they ask for it
  • The #1 non-technical hurdle to achieving business value with data and why teams continue to fail
  • What data science and data product teams can learn from software product teams about building useful, usable, high-value digital solutions
  • How data product teams and leaders can leverage design to become innovation partners to their internal stakeholders
  • Why design is not just about UX and data viz when it comes to data products
  • The 3 types of people data product teams need to be considering when creating solutions
  • How to turn raw data into a valuable data product or intelligence application
  • The designer vs. data practitioner approaches to changing users’ behaviour and why data literacy may not be the issue
  • The roles and skills missing from most enterprise data science and analytics teams
  • Approaching data products from the last mile
  • Design V  Design Thinking
  • Why are teams so often creating technically right, effectively wrong data products?




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