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The Conversion Choreography Show - Anna Iveson EPISODE 10, 24th November 2020
010 - The one about why every industry needs great copy
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010 - The one about why every industry needs great copy

For many smaller, local businesses the idea of direct response marketing and copywriting feels like a daunting and time-consuming prospect that won’t make an impact on their bottom line.

But here’s the truth…

In post-Covid world, the ability to market successfully online is more vital than ever. No matter what type of business you’re in.

I’m joined on today’s episode by Claudia Cesarotti.  She’s a direct response copywriter who also runs a highly successful pet care business which she’s owned for over 30 years.  

In this episode we talk about the marketing challenges faced by the pet industry and other smaller, local businesses.  Plus we dive into how local businesses can use direct response marketing techniques to enhance their client relationships AND expand their product lines to create new and exciting opportunities that only exist online. 

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Why other people’s mistakes are the real key to successful business ownership
  • The core emotional drivers that motivate pet-lovers to spend disproportionate sums of cash on their beloved animals
  • The often-ignored technique that lets you connect with your prospects’ desires EVEN in industries not used to direct response marketing
  • How to successfully pivot your business, after decades in one niche, without letting imposter syndrome steal your success
  • The biggest mistake even the smartest local business owners makes when it comes to marketing their products and services, and how to overcome it
  • The simplest way for local businesses to benefit from the power of email marketing without wasting hours each week writing ineffective copy 
  • Why certain niches generate significantly more profit than others and how to tell if yours is one of them 
  • The unexpected but highly profitable consequence of successful direct response marketing that drives more sales and more profits in your business 

Claudia’s Resources

You can find out more about Claudia via her website www.yourcopywritingsolution.com 

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