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Living a Miraculous LIfe with Marci Shimoff
Episode 1016th January 2022 • Life = Choices; Choices = Life • Kim Olver
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Marci has quite a story. She came into this world with some existential angst, got all five of her goals and was still unhappy. So what did she do? She researched happiness and interviewed people who were unconditionally happy and started to do what they did. In doing so, Marci not only wrote her bestselling, Happy for No Reason, but she also found happiness within herself. And if that's not enough, for the past nine years, she has been teaching everyday people how to live miraculous lives. Of course, miracles are all around us everyday but she teaches how to see them and then, multiply them in your life. Listen in to hear the tips she shares about the 4 things that stop you from living a miraculous life and about her free eBook. You can learn more about Marci and her yearlong program