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Contamination detection technology’s potential for food safety
30th May 2019 • The Vitafoods Insights Podcast • Informa Markets
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In an industry driven by consumer demand, the right technological support with be key to delivering transparency across the supply chain, and securing long-term trust and loyalty to the industry.

Inspecto, an Israel-based company, is developing a nanoscale portable device that detects early detection of food contaminants—giving supply chain players and consumers the power to know exactly what’s in their food. Farmers, food producers, distriubutors, regulators and end consumers can all benefit from contamination detection technology. Charlotte Bastiaanse, associate editor at Vitafoods Insights, and Avner Avidan, Inspecto CEO, talk about the intricate technology built into Inspecto’s device, as well as the industry’s greater food safety challenges.