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The Jackass Season 3 Stunt Draft (Classic Episode Revisit)
Episode 10613th April 2023 • Jackast: A Jackass Podcast • Mikey Ehrenworth, Chris Ehrenworth
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With a big upcoming announcement planned for Jackast, we had to take one more week to get our schedules in a row. During this time we wanted to showcase some of our best episodes which you may have missed if you're a new listener.

This is a re-release of episode 54 from April 14th of 2022 where we held a draft in which we selected various stunts from Season 3 to try to build the best possible episode!

At the end of our selections, we try to argue who landed on the best episode.

This was the season with some of the most memorable stunts of all time, whether it's Dave England's Poo Diaper, Johnny Knoxville as The Bed Wetter, the entire Jackass crew's Nutball, and The Vomit Omelette!

Let us know what you'd pick for your favourite stunts!

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