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Ep. 302 - The Truth About Our Relationship with Krista + Lindsey
Episode 30227th February 2020 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Today’s episode with K + L is incredibly personal and upfront about their shadow work journeys. As best friends who also work together, they are able to help each other heal their shadow sides and release karmic patterns. They take a deep look into the stories they have been telling themselves, including abandonment issues and trusting women, validation of feelings, and people-pleasing. K + L share what’s come up in their solo sessions with their coach Aaron Rose, and unpack how they work to heal their shadow sides and old programming. Shadow work can be confronting and hard, and they are humbled to share their experiences with you.

They also talk about:

  • Practicing communication
  • L giving herself validation
  • K judging herself for her emotions
  • Leveraging the phrase “The story I’m in is…”
  • Defining what success means for yourself
  • Honoring one another as K+L change
  • Working against old programming

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